Never-ending India: The north-east diaries

This time I traded two wheels for a motorcycle for a 5day road trip across Sikkim – a state in north-east India.

With some initial hiccups, I went through tea plantations, valleys, rough terrains and some amazing vistas.

After a gruelling day I realise that I have embarked on a journey that is as much body as it is soul.

Here’s to day 1.

The ride. Ain’t she a beauty?!

India, you don’t cease to amaze or end.

Darjeeling Tea? Yeah this is where it comes from!



Kids will play. Anywhere. Everywhere.


Back. I am.

I’ve been missing in action for around 15 months. Various changes in life. But one thing never changed: I kept travelling. And I will try to bring you all up to speed. Even if a bit randomly. But then that’s the fun of it all : )

Keep reading/watching.




India is full of colour. The land. The people. The fashion. The festivals. The moods. Even the daily struggle of riding a state transport bus is a colourful affair. If you can handle its “too-muchness”, as Rushdie once put it, India can be a discovery at the turn of every corner or the unfolding of every highway.

And the road goes on and on.

And on a ‘darker’ note…


Somewhere 100 kms outside of Hyderabad, the earth is… well…. dark. Makes for a great contrasty pic. For those who might not know, Andhra Pradesh lies on the great Deccan plateau, so the land can be flat, flat, flat. But never sans character and colour.

Mars. On Earth. In Andhra Pradesh.


At some point into my drive from Hyderabad to Bangalore (highly recommended, smooth as silk, with a constantly altering landscape) the earth turned bloodshot. The only regret was that I wasn’t carrying my DSLR.

To get here, take the road. Oh and a rail line runs to Mars too ;)

One minute you’re walking down a cobbled street, and suddenly….



Seriously, it’s impossible to not walk into something over 2,000 years old in Rome every 5 minutes.

In fact the only way you can avoid history here, is by locking yourself up in your hotel room. But chances are, even the building your hotel is in, has some history to it.

Would love to stay and write, but I got some time travellin’ to do.