North-east diaries: Day 2 aka Reverse Psyche

Long story short (well kinda): I am somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a mountain road, descending and suddenly my accelerator cable snaps, slips and reverses itself. After which, every time I would turn to rev the engine it would slow down and when I would undo the accelerator it would rev up.

With the nearest mechanic (read: civilisation) 38 kms away, I had to very quickly master the reverse logic to safely descend a mountainous road – all 53 hairpin bends include. But I made it. And oh what a brilliant ride it and the rest of the day was. Here’s day 2…

An absolutely glorious morning in Namchi, Sikkim.




The statue at Samdruptse is 108 feet tall. At 7105 feet. Conundrum anyone? :)



The good samaritans, Dorje and Pratap who helped me out with my bike troubles. Gotta believe more in the goodness of man! : )




Animals Might Just Have it Better Than Us

Around 80 kms away from Tangalle is one of the larger national parks in south Sri Lanka, called the Uda Walawe National Park.

Amidst the herding elephants, migrating birds, shifty reptiles and all other things wild, lie several patches of natural beauty. Or hang on, all of the above lie amidst the natural beauty ;)

Went there for the afternoon tour (yes, laziness persisted) but I would surely recommend the crack of dawn tour if it were there, because the light would be gorgeous.

Next time!

Probably the best urinal in the world?


I mean, the view is a relief too : )

And for what I saw as I, well you know…


Any contenders???

Thought not! ; )

PS: In reply to all the doubt I got from Wayne… Here’s another I captured (by sheer fluke) as I tried to shoot the Leh Palace :D


Aug 16b: Kaza, at its best.


For the bluest skies, ever changing cloudscape and mountains that are bare one day and snow-capped the next, please come to Kaza. I promise you it will leave you breathless, literally, at 3600 metres ;)