North-east diaries: Day 2 aka Reverse Psyche

Long story short (well kinda): I am somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a mountain road, descending and suddenly my accelerator cable snaps, slips and reverses itself. After which, every time I would turn to rev the engine it would slow down and when I would undo the accelerator it would rev up.

With the nearest mechanic (read: civilisation) 38 kms away, I had to very quickly master the reverse logic to safely descend a mountainous road – all 53 hairpin bends include. But I made it. And oh what a brilliant ride it and the rest of the day was. Here’s day 2…

An absolutely glorious morning in Namchi, Sikkim.




The statue at Samdruptse is 108 feet tall. At 7105 feet. Conundrum anyone? :)



The good samaritans, Dorje and Pratap who helped me out with my bike troubles. Gotta believe more in the goodness of man! : )




Never-ending India: The north-east diaries

This time I traded two wheels for a motorcycle for a 5day road trip across Sikkim – a state in north-east India.

With some initial hiccups, I went through tea plantations, valleys, rough terrains and some amazing vistas.

After a gruelling day I realise that I have embarked on a journey that is as much body as it is soul.

Here’s to day 1.

The ride. Ain’t she a beauty?!

India, you don’t cease to amaze or end.

Darjeeling Tea? Yeah this is where it comes from!



Kids will play. Anywhere. Everywhere.

SMS to God!


Hyderabad, kindly excuse me. But I do believe you have some of the worst bikers I have seen all over the world. And I have been around the world a bit. Take this gentleman for instance. He was writing a full fledged message as he rode his bike. Looking up every 5 seconds to see if he was still on the road and hadn’t run into anything. I mean what does it take for someone to park his bike on the side for 60 seconds, send the message and start again? A lot apparently, by this persons actions.


I believe his SMS read: “Dear God, I will be cutting short my trip on Earth and returning to you sooner, especially since the way I am biking around town.