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Hyderabad-Mumbai: The journey begins

Hyderabad, ORR, highway

The first 17 kms were brilliant, fast and quickly over.

bad roads, highway

This is what followed. For 200 kms.

old bridges, water

But with some relief in water.

tree felling, cutting, wrong, highway

Indiscriminate tree felling towards the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

flower, field, highway

Flowers as far as the eye stretches.

hindu, flag, bike, travel, journey

A pilgrim takes a chai break along the Solapur-Pune highway.

dusk, drive, highway, Pune, mumbai

Dusk falls, with me still 200 kms away from Mumbai.

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Goat to be more like this…


Found this goat, chillin’ on a car, in Chor Bazaar (Thieves’ Market) in Mumbai.

Not paying any heed to the chaos around.

Note to self: Master the zen art of the goat!

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