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Never-ending India: The north-east diaries

This time I traded two wheels for a motorcycle for a 5day road trip across Sikkim – a state in north-east India.

With some initial hiccups, I went through tea plantations, valleys, rough terrains and some amazing vistas.

After a gruelling day I realise that I have embarked on a journey that is as much body as it is soul.

Here’s to day 1.

The ride. Ain’t she a beauty?!

India, you don’t cease to amaze or end.

Darjeeling Tea? Yeah this is where it comes from!



Kids will play. Anywhere. Everywhere.

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“Taprobane it Driver!!”

This is a temple enroute to Galle (from Tangalle). The clouds were just amazing as I got off the cab to get this picture.

Right after this comes Taprobane Island. “What’s that?” you ask? Well Taprobane is ‘Sri Lanka’ in Greek. 30 kms short of Galle, is this small island, which has a solitary villa on it – which has been inhabited by celebrities for long and short periods. Below is the shot of the island. Excuse the blur, it was from my already delayed cab heading to the airport. Promise to send better pics when I stay there… soon! : P




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Two Umbrellas and a Beach



The sun hid when the clouds rolled in. Rain caught us alone on the beach, but not unaware. The umbrellas defended us bravely, but to their discredit, barely. Being drenched had its own merits. One of which was being able to capture this frame! More soon!


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Postcards from the Edge


More lovin’ from the outskirts of the Uda Walawe National Park. If I am not mistaken this is the reservoir spill over.

Still makes for a pretty pic ;)




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Animals Might Just Have it Better Than Us

Around 80 kms away from Tangalle is one of the larger national parks in south Sri Lanka, called the Uda Walawe National Park.

Amidst the herding elephants, migrating birds, shifty reptiles and all other things wild, lie several patches of natural beauty. Or hang on, all of the above lie amidst the natural beauty ;)

Went there for the afternoon tour (yes, laziness persisted) but I would surely recommend the crack of dawn tour if it were there, because the light would be gorgeous.

Next time!

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Well, hello Lanka!


The drive from the airport to Tangalle is first intersected by this beach close by to Galle. Hey, it’s a welcome you can’t ignore :) And it only gets better. Keep watching ;)

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Seen on the 24th of July


Caught today, invading the Avenida 24 de Juleo. Stylish. Very stylish. And the scooter is nice too :)

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