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Hyderabad-Mumbai: The journey begins

Hyderabad, ORR, highway

The first 17 kms were brilliant, fast and quickly over.

bad roads, highway

This is what followed. For 200 kms.

old bridges, water

But with some relief in water.

tree felling, cutting, wrong, highway

Indiscriminate tree felling towards the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

flower, field, highway

Flowers as far as the eye stretches.

hindu, flag, bike, travel, journey

A pilgrim takes a chai break along the Solapur-Pune highway.

dusk, drive, highway, Pune, mumbai

Dusk falls, with me still 200 kms away from Mumbai.

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India is full of colour. The land. The people. The fashion. The festivals. The moods. Even the daily struggle of riding a state transport bus is a colourful affair. If you can handle its “too-muchness”, as Rushdie once put it, India can be a discovery at the turn of every corner or the unfolding of every highway.

And the road goes on and on.

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Unhinged & Lonely



Found this colourful tractor-trailer left behind by the motorised half. Close to a ‘dhaba’ – hindi for a highway-side restaurant (calling it a restaurant is over-selling it, but you get the pic :)

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And on a ‘darker’ note…


Somewhere 100 kms outside of Hyderabad, the earth is… well…. dark. Makes for a great contrasty pic. For those who might not know, Andhra Pradesh lies on the great Deccan plateau, so the land can be flat, flat, flat. But never sans character and colour.

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Mars. On Earth. In Andhra Pradesh.


At some point into my drive from Hyderabad to Bangalore (highly recommended, smooth as silk, with a constantly altering landscape) the earth turned bloodshot. The only regret was that I wasn’t carrying my DSLR.

To get here, take the road. Oh and a rail line runs to Mars too ;)

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“There’s still space for one!”


In India, there’s a saying, “It doesn’t matter if there isn’t space in the house, there should always be space in the heart.” Oh, and there’s also 1.2 billion people. Take your pick!

In the meantime, welcome to Hyderabad – India’s alternative hi-tech city. The operative word being alternative!



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