The King’s Back


My friends with the King of Good Times backing them in Goa ;)




I Se, what’s that?

Se Cathedral of Santa Catarina is the largest church in India, located in Old Goa, completed in 1619.

One of the special feature in the cathedral is the ‘Golden Bell’ which is reputed to have a very melodious ring, proving once and for all that old, after all, is gold.

: )

Think Tarantino…


…or whatever comes to your mind when you see this Church of Sao Pedro (St. Peters) in Old Goa.

But the best part about the destination, is actually the journey. A beautiful isolated road leading away from Panjim towards Old Goa. Get on a scooter and ride with the wind in your hair and the sea running alongside the road. You will of course pass through some really old streets with old Portuguese styled houses too. Aaaah. Good times. Good times.



‘Hollant’ is not in Europe.


With the tide still out, and the sun going down, looking away from the sea made a better moment for me.

This is South Goa, close to a place called Bagmalo. Welcome to Netherlan…. er… I mean Hollant Beach.

: )