A gardener’s dream job (or daily nightmare!)

This is a small section of the Herrenhausen Garden. I don’t know, but anybody wanna wager what the gardener’s fee would be?


Watch the Watchers

OK. I know it’s close to the Watchmen tagline, but I couldn’t resist.

It was too damn obvious.

This is a building I cross daily from my home in Hannover to Macshsee Lake.

The industrial architecture from the 70s still dots the city, even though ‘modernism’ is trying to plant its feet well and deep too.

Love is in the Pair

Welcome to the European edition of following me.

We’re opening today in Hannover. It would be considered a sleepy town compared to some of the places I will be visiting in the next 3 weeks. But even in the sleepiest of villages, love blooms when all is perfect. And the weather today was pitch perfect (think 21 degrees, a light breeze and autumn leaves rustling).

But Hannover is also the Trade Fair capital of the world, and the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. It’s famous for its Herrenhausen Gardens, Maschee Lake (this pair is there), it’s Zoo, the Town Hall and to the ones with a sweet-tooth – the Bahlsen factory.

Oh, and thanks to my folks and some real tasty mom-made food, it’s home away from home for me :)