Spanish White Stripes anyone?

Remember the video for “The Hardest Button to Push” by the White Stripes directed by Michel Gondry?

This girl reminds me clearly of the sister in these colours.

Oh and in the background it’s the Madrid City Hall on Calle de Alcalá. Big whoop! :P




In case you trip… Disco!

This is a warning sticker you’ll find in Madrid metro trains, warning people to watch the gap as they alight.

To me it always looks like a dude getting down to disco!

Think “That’s the way…a-haa-a-haa! I like it! a-haa-a-haa!”  :D

What do you think?



If you wanna Kill Bill, you gotta look the part honey!

Was walking in a small street, just off Gran Via in Madrid, when I came by this store that specialises in leather-wear. Needless to say, this was the loudest thing in display. Very well sliced and put together. All that’s missing is the Hattori Hanzo! Ossu!!! I meant… Ole! : )

Taking Greenery to New Heights!

Madrid is serious about its greenery. In fact, this stunning natural wall growth/mural/art/life is a testament to that. I saw people sitting for half hour at stretch, looking at it, not getting tired. I know, because I did the same.

Love it.

Here’s a tighter shot of the greenery.

PS: A special tribute to SJ, without whose innovation I couldn’t have been shooting or uploading my daily travel shots.