“Wow! These Martians are so peaceful, man!”

Do you like cannabis? Do you like absinthe? Then you might just love this – found freely in Rome.

The cannabis will relax you. The absinthe will help you hallucinate.

Get ready for some relaxing hallucinations.


“Is that a rainbow the Martian is shooting at us?”


“I wish… to return to Rome.”

OK first to correct the misnomer: you don’t make a wish when you toss a coin into the Fontana di Trevi (I mean, you could, but there’s no guarantee on that coming true.)

The accepted legend has it that if you toss a coin into the fountain, you are ensured to return to Rome.

I’d say that’s still a pretty sweet deal! ; )  See you in a bit Roma!



Side-note: Friends!

A break from my usual visual approach, I just want to share a very touching moment I noticed in the Sistine Chapel today:

There was a blind woman, and with her, I presume, her friend. The friend was describing to the blind woman where they stood and what she saw.

It made me smile, with that ‘goodness of heart’ feeling : ) God bless friends who help you see things you can’t!



Paint job?

I know this excellent painter. A bit slow, but does the walls beautifully. You will not regret hiring his services.

I know that the Vatican didn’t.



And if you want a ceiling specialist, I have another contact.

Dude’s a bit moody, and works at his own pace, but genius.

PS: It’s not allowed to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, so I have no clue where I got this picture from! O_o



If I ain’t comin’ in, you’re comin’ with!


Totally loved this piece of street art on Via dei Serpentini. (A ‘historic’ break, if you will.)

A lot of people looked at me strangely, as most were shooting the Colosseum or the Chapel in other directions and I was shooting a ‘no entry’ sign.

I think I heard the old lady mutter as she passed me by, “What’s happened to tourists nowadays?” :D



One minute you’re walking down a cobbled street, and suddenly….



Seriously, it’s impossible to not walk into something over 2,000 years old in Rome every 5 minutes.

In fact the only way you can avoid history here, is by locking yourself up in your hotel room. But chances are, even the building your hotel is in, has some history to it.

Would love to stay and write, but I got some time travellin’ to do.