“Wow! These Martians are so peaceful, man!”

Do you like cannabis? Do you like absinthe? Then you might just love this – found freely in Rome.

The cannabis will relax you. The absinthe will help you hallucinate.

Get ready for some relaxing hallucinations.


“Is that a rainbow the Martian is shooting at us?”


A gondolier never changes his stripes…



See something you like? Pay your respect. Italian style, of course.

I needn’t tell you what followed! ;)



Waiting for someone, to take for a ride!

Adjectives that come to mind when you think of the gondoliers of Venice: Stylish. Charming. Expensive!

This gentleman was waiting to pick up a customer on one of the many quaint bridges in Venice.

Luckily he didn’t notice me, otherwise I’d probably have been taken for a ride!


The roads are a bit wet today…

Ciao Venezia!

Small charming streets, even smaller alley ways, and the legendary canals connecting people in a way you and I may not be accustomed to.

Pity I don’t have enough time to explore the city/waterways.

Oh well, I can’t swim anyway! Guess I’ll survive to return another day ; )

“I wish… to return to Rome.”

OK first to correct the misnomer: you don’t make a wish when you toss a coin into the Fontana di Trevi (I mean, you could, but there’s no guarantee on that coming true.)

The accepted legend has it that if you toss a coin into the fountain, you are ensured to return to Rome.

I’d say that’s still a pretty sweet deal! ; )  See you in a bit Roma!



Side-note: Friends!

A break from my usual visual approach, I just want to share a very touching moment I noticed in the Sistine Chapel today:

There was a blind woman, and with her, I presume, her friend. The friend was describing to the blind woman where they stood and what she saw.

It made me smile, with that ‘goodness of heart’ feeling : ) God bless friends who help you see things you can’t!