The Big Drive Up – Hyderbad to Delhi via Mumbai and Udaipur – Road Review

Of late I had this itch to do a massive drive out. So I decided to drive all the way from Hyderabad to Delhi. With 2 pitstops, one in Mumbai and the other in Udaipur. But I will describe those in another post. This post is for describing the roads along the way. Before travelling out, I sought out this information all over the net but found no credible source or recent post. So I took it upon myself to chronicle the roads of India.

This was the condition of roads in January 2014. Of course with rains and sundry, all things can change. Having said that, all roads are metaled, even if the conditions vary from path to path. So here is the detailed path.

mahindra thar, short round, road trip
My ride – Short Round : )



The first day is always full of excitement and energy. But this time I was headed out on a rather longer journey. So a bit of nervousness ensued too. But time is of the essence, so shall we start?

Hyderabad, Solapur, Road
The Road to Solapur. Look prettier than it is.


Hyderabad to Solapur (290 KM)

As soon as you get off the Outer Ring Road (ORR in Hyderabad) after 17 blisteringly fast kms, the first 250 kilometres ahead are quite patchy with a lot of potholes and uneven stretches. It’s not possible to get over an average of 50-60 kmph at any time. For some reason, when I travelled there was a lot of indiscriminate tree felling happening, perhaps a seasonal thing. The point being, the branches from the trees are being cut down to size on the road, again slowing you down. You get momentary respite every now and then, only to be rudely brought back to the ‘injar-pinjar’ highway. When I entered Karnataka, I expected the roads to improve, having had the pleasure of driving on the HYD-BLR highway many times over. Nope. Nothing like that. It is literally going in the wrong direction here. The first true change comes when you hit Solapur in Maharashtra.


Solapur to Pune (250 KM)

The road improves dramatically, it becomes a 5 lane highway (yes, I know, but you know…) and you can actually get your speeds up to 90-100 kmph.

western ghats, maharashtra, morning, dawn
As you leave Bombay, the ghats rise.

Pune to Mumbai (150 KM)

The fabled expressway doesn’t disappoint, but expect a lot of traffic as the two cities have a lot of people shuttling for work or otherwise. I hit this at 8 pm, so it was pitch dark, but easy to follow as I moved in a motorcade. Lucklily everybody is in a hurry.

This was going to be one long day of driving. And I was hoping it was nothing like the first day. Luckily it wasn’t :)


Mumbai to Surat (280 kms)

As you exit Mumbai (takes about an hour) the roads widen up, the ghats rise up and you have quite a brilliant drive. As soon as you come to the main junction where the sign tells you to go right for Ahmedabad, just outside Ghorbund, is where the highway experience starts. It’s a proper 6 laner and everybody (trucks) follow the lane rules, which makes driving a pleasure. The roads are great, well maintained, and you can drive without worry. This lasts all the way till Surat.


Surat to Vadodra (175 kms)

The roads continue to be generally good, and remain a 6 lane highway. Occasional roadwork slows you down in patches but nothing massive. Still a clean drive.


Vadodra to Ahmedabad (115 kms)

Oh. Em. Gee. The expressway is just brilliant. 4 laner. It’s 80 kms or so long – and the first 35km and the last 20 kms are absolutely silk! Rules are followed. It’s absolutely clean. Awesome. Although you want this stretch to last longer, it gets over soon – like all good things.


Ahmedabad to Rajasthan border (130 kms)

You’re pushed back to the olden days, with a 20-30 km 2 lane stretch after the Ahmedabad ring road. It’s quite annoying because the traffic rules go back to hell. But once you’re past city limits, the highway comes back with 4 lanes and a divider (something that we must learn to appreciate in India). The road remains fairly clear and uneventful till you hit the Rajasthan border.

green, lush, rajasthan, udaipur, desert
Yes, this is Rajasthan. Much more than a sandy patch!

Rajasthan border to Udaipur (130 kms)

The topography changes and it’s a really charming drive from the Rajasthan border on. The Aravallis rise up and the weather cools a bit. Mind you, I am travelling in January, so it’s perfect. Can’t promise the same in June. It’s a 4 laner and fairly clean.

But there’s this one patch where a particularly Rajasthan highway feature shows up – road grooves. Basically the asphalt has sunk, for various reasons and it’s pretty much like HotTracks where you car settles into the track. So be careful while braking – especially at high speeds, because my Thar would drift and go somewhat out of control. The first time it happened I was lost and checked my tyres. I soon realised the problem and had to drive carefully for 20-30 kms before the road restored to normal.



The last leg of the drive. I was mentally a bit tired, and kinda looking forward to the end of this day.

Udaipur to Ajmer (310 kms)

The roads from Udaipur to Ajmer are fairly clear as a fairly good 4 laner. You will pass through some smaller villages or town which will drop your average a bit, but other than that you’ll hit the higher speeds easily.


Ajmer to Jaipur (130 kms)

This is the part of the journey that you will thoroughly enjoy and you can let the engine rip as you get a 6 lane highway that’s fresh and well maintained. This part just whizzed by. Only to be brought to the last and irritating…


Jaipur to Delhi (250 kms)

I would call this the ‘Truck Alley’ on ‘Diversion 77’. Being a major trade route, you will unknowingly become a part of the convoy of trucks travelling down. And that would be ok, because generally on the highways trucks are disciplined.

However the Jaipur-Delhi route is full of diversions, thanks to progress and construction of bridges, which will slow you down. And then this stretch is also generally full of holiday makers returning to Delhi. And we all know how car drivers are on the highway. And as you get closer to Delhi/Gurgaon, the traffic keeps getting deteriorating. And when you come to a grinding halt, you know you’re at the city limits – somewhere stupidity begins.

Sigh. And the journey ends.




7 thoughts on “The Big Drive Up – Hyderbad to Delhi via Mumbai and Udaipur – Road Review

  1. Hi Neeraj

    Congratulation for completing this fabulous journey.

    Thanks so much for this article as I am also planning my first long distance Car drive (beat petrol) from Udupi , Karnataka to Gulmarg via Hubli,Mumbai,Delhi .

    Can you please help me to understand Narmada bridge status between Surat and Vadodra , I remember that in 2013 Jan only one way traffic was allowed on this bridge.

    What is the Best time and route bypass Mumbai city and Udaypur as udaypur bypass has only two lane road with lots of truck traffic.

    I have covered this stretch during Mysore Srinagar trip by CBR 250R in 2012
    You suggestion will add value to my journey

    Thanks in advance and all the best for your future trips

    1. Hey Amit,

      Quick answers:
      1) Narmada bridge was absolutely fine when I crossed it. Two way, four lanes. Between Surat and Vadodra, the roads were just fine. No issues at all. The only trouble I got (not much at that) was leaving Ahmedabad city limits when the dividers go off and it’s a two laner. That lasts for 15-20 odd kilometres, if I recall correctly.
      2) Well, to bypass Mumbai, you can choose to touch Navi Mumbai, and head up north. I would most certainly suggest getting an early start that day. I left around 6:30 am and it still took me an hour with minimal traffic to get out.
      3) I did Mumbai-Udaipur in 12 odd hours, and don’t remember much traffic. However I broke my journey at Udaipur. And when I left for Delhi from there, the roads were quite pleasant (relative) to go on – almost all the way till Jaipur. Post that, as I mentioned in my log, it’s truck alley and diversions.

      I think you’ll have a very pleasant journey. All the best and drive safe! : )

  2. Hi, How much time did it took you from Vadodara to Jaipur – Delhi. ?

    And is it required to go via ajmer ? I’m planning to go from Vadodara to Delhi in October this year,2014.

    1. Well to be honest Gaurav, I broke my journey in Udaipur. Vadodara to Udaipur took me around 6 hours. And trucked it from Udaipur to Delhi in 12 odd hours. With a couple of breaks on the way. Like I said the road till Jaipur is pretty decent and after that it’s truck alley.

      I didn’t go via Ajmer, so no it’s not required, unless you want to visit it :)

  3. Hi neeraj;
    I am planning a trip from Mumbai to Delhi (Punto Petrol) in the first week of may. Can you plz tell in case of any emergency.. is help available. As i am travelling with small kid…

    1. Hey Ankur,

      Hope you had a safe trip. Sorry for the tardy reply, but I am assuming you found out that the roads are fairly fine and plenty of villages/towns/cities on the way. How was the drive in May? Was the heat an issue?

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