Mail to Mahindra After-Sales and Koncept Motors


I am writing to voice my utmost grievance regarding a month-old Mahindra purchase from Koncept Automobiles, before I go to press with it.

I purchased the Mahindra Thar 4×4 model, plate number DL 7C K 9518, (invoiced on July 27, 2011).

I was promised delivery on July 27, but then was delayed till August 2, and it wasn’t easy as I waited 4-5 hours at Koncept Automobiles to get delivery of my vehicle.

I had seen the black coloured Mahindra Thar a month ago and fallen head over heels and wanted it. It was love, but as I soon learnt – love is blind.

From day one there were issues with the car. Allow me to elaborate:

1) First of all, I got a distinct impression that I was being pandered the display piece. Why do I think so?

a) The left door handle was broken when I had seen it a month ago, and when I got it on Aug 2, it was still broken.

b) The moment I drove up to collect the car, I saw the ropes being uncoiled from the bull-bars, which had been there on the display piece.

c) There was rust on the disc-brakes on the vehicles.

d) The key I was given was completely worn down rather than a new set of keys as one would expect for a new vehicle.

e) Finally the odometer had clicked 300 kms when I received the Thar. I don’t know how far your stockyards are, but 300 kms is by no norms the amount a new car should be driven before being handed to a customer.

I decided to overlook almost all of this. Love, you see.

2) The speedometer would die on me.

3) The alignment of the BRAND NEW vehicle was off, and I had to bring the car back the second day for it to be taken to a professional to be corrected (reference Mr. Puneet, who took it with me to Chanakyapuri)

4) The driver side door handle was cracked which snapped at some pressure applied. It was never changed.

5) The A/C unit was leaking inside the car, which also had to be corrected in the same session (I ended up spending another 4-5 hours of my time on a new car).

6) The A/C vents just don’t work. You can close them – they still pump air. You can change the direction of the vents and they will still throw air straight. I know Mahindra is not responsible for this, but it is your partner and the choice of your partners reflects on you.

7) The major rattle sound when the Thar goes over potholes is because of poorly applied foam cushions between the canopy and the metal bar running overhead. All it needs is to be fixed properly and the sound drops by 50-60%. This was never corrected.

I thought things were sorted, but then came the piece-de-force….

8) THE CANOPY WAS LEAKING WATER IN THE CABIN. Is this supposed to be like this? Well, still, I thought that problem was corrected. But my problems had only begun.

Allow me to explain why I bought the Mahindra Thar 4×4 at INR 8,10,000 (accessories included).

I was going on a road trip across north India. From Delhi-Solan-Shimla-Sangla-Kaza-Kullu-Leh and back.

The Mahindra Thar seemed perfect and up to the job.

Boy was I in for a surprise when I reached Shimla.

Why Shimla, because till now it had not rained. But in Shimla it came down hard. And I was carrying luggage in the cabin (3 suitcases) and had speakers installed.

When it started raining in Shimla, it started pouring in the Mahindra Thar too. I could not understand. There was no tear, or laceration in the canopy.

And yet, water was dripping and trickling on the left side and also the centre bar. I had to stop under a tree till the rain subsided and had to keep wiping with tissues so that my luggage and speakers would not get any wetter than they were.

Once the rain stopped I moved to my next destination – Thanedar, some 70 kms away from Shimla, with great apprehension of the clouds.

In Thanedar, I tried calling Koncept Motors for help, but help was as available as sunny weather in Himachal that day.

So I was forced to spend INR 1,000 to buy a Tarp (tarpal) and string used by truckers to cover up a good looking vehicle.

After getting drenched, and paying some labourers another 400 Rs. I managed to get the car to be “DRY” with no help of the Mahindra or Koncept team.

The canopy had yet another major flaw – which is in the corners. If you are passing through a muddy stretch, the tyres spin the mud up and the mud enters the cabin through the 4 corners of the canopy (behind the drivers seat, passenger seat and the tail-light corners). All my speakers, and bags had mud streaks regularly, till I stuffer tissues to block the mud out. It was rather annoying and tiring too.

Eventually, I had to cut my trip short and return to Delhi, because the tarpal could not take speeds higher than 50 kmph, for the fear of flying off (it wasn’t meant for a smaller vehicle and I didn’t have hooks to secure it). So, instead of driving down to Leh, me and my friend had to fly to Leh (tickets worth INR 25000) and spend another INR 9000 on taxis there.

You know, I did not expect luxury when I bought the Mahindra Thar. It is a jeep. I know that. And I made my peace with the rattle and hum, and bad workmanship inside. I did.

But for some basic things – like waterproofing the cabin, in an outdoor vehicle, it’s not asking for much.

I can go on about the cosmetic design flaws, but I think I will save my ire for the press. I should let you know that I am a Creative Director in a global top 5 advertising agency and know a lie when I see on. And “Mahindra. rise.” is one!!!!! At least when it comes to Mahindra Thar. Especially in my case.

I will be raising this issue wherever I can as the public should know all angles before investing their hard-earned money with your company.

I don’t know what you could do to correct my impression, but I will certainly be interested to see what happens next.

Rather and utterly disappointed.



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