SMS to God!


Hyderabad, kindly excuse me. But I do believe you have some of the worst bikers I have seen all over the world. And I have been around the world a bit. Take this gentleman for instance. He was writing a full fledged message as he rode his bike. Looking up every 5 seconds to see if he was still on the road and hadn’t run into anything. I mean what does it take for someone to park his bike on the side for 60 seconds, send the message and start again? A lot apparently, by this persons actions.


I believe his SMS read: “Dear God, I will be cutting short my trip on Earth and returning to you sooner, especially since the way I am biking around town.




India is full of colour. The land. The people. The fashion. The festivals. The moods. Even the daily struggle of riding a state transport bus is a colourful affair. If you can handle its “too-muchness”, as Rushdie once put it, India can be a discovery at the turn of every corner or the unfolding of every highway.

And the road goes on and on.

And on a ‘darker’ note…


Somewhere 100 kms outside of Hyderabad, the earth is… well…. dark. Makes for a great contrasty pic. For those who might not know, Andhra Pradesh lies on the great Deccan plateau, so the land can be flat, flat, flat. But never sans character and colour.

Mars. On Earth. In Andhra Pradesh.


At some point into my drive from Hyderabad to Bangalore (highly recommended, smooth as silk, with a constantly altering landscape) the earth turned bloodshot. The only regret was that I wasn’t carrying my DSLR.

To get here, take the road. Oh and a rail line runs to Mars too ;)