A colourful ‘bem-vindo’ to Lisbon!

This is on Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo (sounds almost like a character from a famous Indian movie).

3 building,adjacent, all covered with art! Yes, that’s what it is nay-sayers.

Notice the spokes on the crown going ‘out of the building’ :)

I think Lisbon and I are gonna get along – just fine!

Another building-art in 5 minutes.


3 thoughts on “A colourful ‘bem-vindo’ to Lisbon!

  1. grammyjinlx reblogged this on englishforlearners and commented: This is one of my favourite whole-building graffiti – I can sit and look at it whil i sip a morning cup of coffee on my way to teach English … maybe one day it can be the focal point of a disxcussion on world pollution, poverty and the huge profits made by the multinationals! great photo. Thanks

  2. This is the my favourite whole-building graffiti in Lisbon, often surveyed over the brim of a morning coffee on the way to teach English. I am sure, now that I have found your photo, that it will be the focus of discussion – one on the pollution casued by multinationals (and by us the consumers of their products) and on whether this is art, as you say or defacement … not that the ugly state of the building underneath can said to have been defaced.
    I tried to reblog just this picture on my post, but i took a couple of wrong turns.I’m using the ‘press this’ widget instead, hoping to incorporate this picture into a post on my blog and will post a link on my blog,with your permission of course..
    Thanks for your work – great stuff

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