Seen on the 24th of July


Caught today, invading the Avenida 24 de Juleo. Stylish. Very stylish. And the scooter is nice too :)


The Fountain of Abundance. Neither fountain. Nor abundant.


This is at Quinta da Regaleira in Cintra, Portugal. It is a part of a labyrinthic layout of mansion/grounds/grottos/caves/gardens that were commissioned by Carvalho Monteiro, who is claimed to have been richer than the king of Portugal at the time (1904 is when the construction commenced).

The architect employed was Luigi Manini of Italy, who designed the 4-hectare plot and installed various designs in the buildings alluding to alchemy, Freemasons and the Knights Templar.

I guess Dan Brown spent some time in Cintra too ;)

It’s not Tram 28, but it’s still damn cool!


You have to love how the public transport in Lisbon is tagged. Even the trains are not spared an are sprayed over.

Needless to say the colourful choice of wagons :)

A colourful ‘bem-vindo’ to Lisbon!

This is on Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo (sounds almost like a character from a famous Indian movie).

3 building,adjacent, all covered with art! Yes, that’s what it is nay-sayers.

Notice the spokes on the crown going ‘out of the building’ :)

I think Lisbon and I are gonna get along – just fine!

Another building-art in 5 minutes.

Watch the Watchers

OK. I know it’s close to the Watchmen tagline, but I couldn’t resist.

It was too damn obvious.

This is a building I cross daily from my home in Hannover to Macshsee Lake.

The industrial architecture from the 70s still dots the city, even though ‘modernism’ is trying to plant its feet well and deep too.