Reach out… Touch ‘Faith’!

You will believe en route Khardung La – the highest motorable road in the world (argued) at 18,380 feet (5,600 metres)!


The Jama Gatekeeper


Meet Mohammed Azhar. He is the gatekeeper at the Jama Masjid in Delhi – which happens to be the largest mosque in India built around 1628 (when a lot of countries didn’t exist).

He is also the keeper of modesty and ensures women cover up before going in and made me put a long cloth on over my shorts to cover my sexy legs!!!

He also has polarizing opinions that you can ignore for a photograph ;)

Most work for a living. Few live.

That’s what a holiday needs to look like. You know, chillin’ under the Milky Way. Yep, that’s what that cluster of stars is… (something we don’t see in the cities.) This would be a 90 second exposure, and 2 rather still travellers ;)